"Wild" Wayne's testimony before the State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee
March 14th, 2006

"Chairmen McDonald, Chairmen Lawlor & Members of the Judiciary Committee - Good Afternoon.

I am here to voice my support of House Bill 5801 - An Act concerning Truth in Music Advertising.

First, I would like to share with you some of my background and credentials and what may qualify me to speak out on this subject.

I am a lifelong resident of Connecticut having been born and raised in Rockville, hometown of one of Connecticut's favorite musical sons, Gene Pitney. I am a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and presently host New England's Longest Running Oldies Radio Program that airs Sunday Evenings on WWUH in West Hartford. We are now in our 30th year of airing the music we refer to as "gone from the charts, but not from our hearts". On November 25, 2001, in recognition of my 25th year on the air, I was proud to have been given my own day through a proclamation by the Governor of our State. I am also a voting member in the National Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Through the years, I have had the opportunity to meet, interview and befriend numerous artists and performers from the era of the 1950's and 1960's. A recurring theme with many of these performers has been their frustration regarding charlatans who pass themselves off as the "original singing group".

These imposters often get hired by promoters to perform in place of the original artists primarily due to the undercutting of their fees, thus making it more attractive to the promoter and its advertisers to hire them. This not only restricts the original artists inability to secure work themselves but they also find themselves forced to lower their normal fees drastically in order to "compete" with the imposters. Further frustration is caused by the original artists inability to stop the imposters from performing due to a lack of resources, financial and otherwise. For them, it truly has been a lesson in futility.

I, myself have personally been witness to shows where the "imposter" groups perform. Without exception, those performances are substandard and less than stellar. No doubt, that too, tarnishes the image of that original groups name.

You have the power to stop this injustice from continuing by proposing legislation that will hinder those imposters who not only impede on the incomes of those who truly deserve it but also said legislation will stop the duping of the public in general.

It would not only be a just and a prudent decision but a very noble one as well. Thank You."